Do I threaten all your plans, I’m insignificant,
Please tell them you have no plans for me„
I will set my soul on fire, what have I become


a box full of darkness: a Stiles/Dark!Stiles fanmix (LISTEN HERE)

1.) the vampyre of time and memory-queens of the stone age// 2.) wake up-AWOLNATION// 3.) bad moon rising-mourning ritual// 4.) monsters-lenka// 5.) radioactive in the dark-imagine dragons/fall out boy// 6.) stranger-skrillex// 7.) come into our room-clinic// 8.) he dreams he’s awake-stars// 9.) no stopping me-njc & sun-me// 10.) wires-the neighbourhood// 11.) the ruler and the killer-kid cudi// 12.) mad world (alt version)-gary jules// 13.) u r a fever-the kills

For a little while, I was possessed by an evil spirit. It was very evil.

make me choose
anonymous asked: frary or kennash


Happy 23rd birthday, Dylan O’brien!

Happy 23rd birthday, Dylan O’Brien! (Aug 26, 1991)

Happy 23rd Birthday Dylan O’Brien! (August 26th, 1991)